Bylaws, 2011-Present

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Bylaws For Serra Club Of Lake And Geauga Counties


Name and Territorial Limits

Section 1. This organization shall be known as Serra Club of Lake and Geauga Counties, hereafter referred to as “the club”

Section 2. The territorial limits of this club shall be coincident with those of Lake and Geauga Counties of Ohio together with such additional territory as may be designated by the Board of Trustees of Serra International.


Objectives and Purposes

Section 1. The objectives and purposes of the club shall be:

a.       To foster and promote vocations to the ministerial priesthood in the Catholic Church as a particular vocation to
service, and to support priests in their sacred ministry;

b.       To encourage and affirm vocations to consecrated religious life in the Catholic Church; and

c.               To assist its members to recognize and respond in their own lives to God’s call to holiness in Jesus Christ and
through the Holy Spirit.

The club shall be a non-profit, charitable and educational organization subject to the authority of the Roman Catholic Bishop of Cleveland.

No part of its funds or property shall ever be used, expended or conveyed for the personal or individual benefit of any members, nor shall any member ever have any right, title, claim or interest in or to any such funds or property by virtue of his membership.



Section 1.

a.       Membership shall be restricted to practicing Catholic lay persons and permanent deacons.

b.       An active member must be able to meet the attendance requirements for club meetings, and to perform any committee or club assignments.

Section 2. If a member has been active in the affairs of the club for a period of at least three years, but can no longer be active because of age or health or work requirements, he or she may be excused from the requirements of Article III, Section 1 (b) and the requirements of Article VIII, Section 1 by the unanimous vote of the Board of Trustees. Such a member shall be designated as an associate member. An associate member shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges of this club except the right to vote and the privilege of holding office. Associate members shall be required to pay Serra council, if applicable, and Serra International dues. Club dues shall be assessed as defined by club policy.

Section 3. Any member can propose a qualified person for membership by submitting a sponsor’s recommendation form to the membership committee. The membership committee shall make an investigation of the proposed member and report the result to the Board with recommendation to accept or reject. The Board shall decide on the acceptance or rejection of the proposed member. The board then allows the club chaplain to accept or reject the candidate. If the candidate is accepted, he or she shall then be invited to attend an orientation meeting,. After orientation at such a meeting the candidate shall be invited to become a member of the club. He or she shall become a member immediately following the induction ceremony and upon payment of dues and an initiation fee.

Section 4. Any former member may be reinstated by the approval of not less than 50% of all of the Board of Trustees


Termination of Membership

Section 1. Any member may resign his or her membership by notifying the Secretary in writing, but every member will be expected to pay all dues accrued prior to such resignation.

Section 2.. The Board may expel any member from membership should he or she commits conduct reflecting discredit upon the club, inactivity, or nonpayment of dues.



Board of Trustees

Section 1. The governing body of the club shall be the Board of Trustees. It shall determine the policies and exercise supervision over all officers, members and committees. Its decision can be overruled only by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present at a regular club meeting called for that purpose.

Section 2. The Board shall consist of the President, President elect, four Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, the immediate Past President, the President elect and at least one Trustee.

Section 3. The Board shall meet at least once monthly at a time and place designated by the President. These meetings shall be at a time or place separate from regular club meetings. Not less than 50% of the members of the Board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at any meeting.

Section 4. Any three members of the Board shall have the right to call a meeting of the Board on five days’ notice in writing to all members of the Board.


Officers and Their Duties; Elections

Section 1. The principal officers of the club shall be a President, the President elect, four Vice Presidents, a Secretary, a Treasurer , and the immediate Past President. The Board may elect additional officers at its discretion, and such officers shall perform the duties prescribed by the Board.

Section 2. The President shall preside at all meetings, appoint all committees, and shall have such further duties as ordinarily pertain to the office of the President.

Section 3. The President-elect shall perform such duties as assigned by the President and shall preside and take over the duties of the President in his or her absence or in the event of a vacancy in the office of the President.

Section 4. The Vice President for Programs shall be in charge of all programs presented at club meetings, and shall be chairman of the program committee.

Section 5. The Vice President for Membership shall be in charge of all activities affecting the club’s membership including membership recruitment, retention of existing members, orientation and induction programs and shall be the chairman of the membership committee.

Section 6. The Vice President for Vocations shall be responsible for all vocation activities performed by the club and shall be the chairman of the vocations committee.

Section 7. The Vice President for Communications shall be responsible for internal and external communications and public relations efforts and shall be the chairman of the communications committee.

Section 8. The Secretary shall record all proceedings of club meetings and meetings of the Board. He or she shall maintain a current roster of members, shall be custodian of the records, maintain the club’s bylaws, and shall have such further duties as ordinarily pertain to the office of the Secretary.

Section 9. The Treasurer shall collect all dues, keep the books and accounts and have custody of all funds of the club. He or she shall render periodic reports of the financial position of the club as directed by the Board, attend to the payment of all bills and obligations, and have such further duties as ordinarily pertain to the office of Treasurer.

Section 10. All officers shall be elected for a term as follows:


Officer Term Maximum Consecutive Terms
President 2 1
President-Elect 2 1
Immediate Past President 2 1
Vice President Programs 1 2
Vice President Vocations 1 2
Vice President Membership 1 2
Vice President Communications 1 2
Treasurer 1 6
Secretary 1 3
Trustee 1 2


Elections shall be held in May of each year. Officers and Trustees shall be inducted at the first meeting in June of each year and their term of office shall then begin and shall end when their successors have been elected and inducted.

In the event of a vacancy in any office or on the Board, the Board shall have the power to fill such vacancy for the balance of the remaining term.

Section 11. A nominating committee appointed by the President shall make nominations for election of the principal Officers not less than one month prior to the election. This committee shall consist of at least three members and shall present its report at the last meeting of members before the election of new officers.

It shall nominate one candidate for each of the principal offices. Further nominations may be made from the floor at the time of the election. Election shall be by secret ballot as to any office for which there is a contest. Each member present shall be entitled to one vote and the candidate who receives the largest number of those votes cast shall be elected.

Emailing can used both to solicit nominations and for conducting a vote for an uncontested position.

Nominees shall agree as a condition of nomination to attend the following District Leadership Conference.


Section 1. The club shall have a Chaplain appointed by the Ordinary of the Diocese. His duties shall be advisory on Church and spiritual matters.


Meetings and Attendance

Section 1. Regular club meetings shall be held at least semi-monthly, at such time and place as shall be determined by the Board. Every active member is encouraged to attend every meeting

Section 2. When this club is sponsoring the organization of a new club, an active member may be given credit for attendance at a regular meeting of the club in formation, in lieu of or in addition to a meeting of this club.


Relationship to Serra International, Council, Regions and Districts

Section 1. This club is a member of Serra International and shall in all things cooperate with Serra International and, where applicable, the Serra council, region and district organizations. It is the express intention of the club to maintain its relationship in good standing with Serra International and to be permanently bound by its Constitution and Bylaws.

Section 2. The Board shall elect a delegate, and an alternate delegate, or, if necessary, a proxy delegate, to represent the club at the annual convention of Serra International. Such election shall take place at least 35 days in advance of the opening meeting of the annual convention. The credentials of such delegate, alternate delegate, or proxy delegate shall be evidenced by the signature of the President and the Secretary of the club and shall be mailed to Serra International not less than 30 days prior to the opening date of the convention.


Section 1. All members shall pay to the club Treasurer an initiation fee and annual dues in amounts decided by the board.

Section 2. The club Treasurer shall pay from the club funds an initiation fee and annual dues to SERRA INTERNATIONAL; and annual dues to SERRA USA Council, in amounts they determine.



Section 1. The standing committees of the club shall be Program, Vocations, Membership and Communications.

Section 2.   In addition, there shall be such special committees as may be designated by the President, which shall serve at the will of the President. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees.


Fund-Raising to Promote the Objectives and Purposes of Serra

Section 1. While no Serra Club may devote itself to fund-raising as an objective, each club, at its discretion, may conduct activities to raise funds to assist it in promoting the objectives and purposes of Serra International. All net income raised from such fund raising activities shall be utilized solely for the purposes of furthering the objectives and purpose of  SERRA INTERNATIONAL as determined by the board of trustees of Serra International.



Section 1. These bylaws may be amended only by a two-thirds vote of the active members of this club. Votes may be gathered through email or by ballot at a regular meeting. Proposed amendments shall be filed with the Secretary in writing, and a written resolution proposing such amendments shall be introduced at a regular meeting and action thereon deferred to the following meeting. Written notice is to be sent by the Secretary to all active members, incorporating a copy of the proposed resolution and advising that the same will be acted upon at the next meeting. The notice and the proposals may be emailed. Such amendments shall not become a part of the bylaws until the same have been submitted to and approved in writing by the board of trustees of Serra International.

These foregoing local club bylaws were adopted by a majority of two-thirds of the members present and voting at a regular meeting of the membership on MONTH, DAY, YEAR to certify which witness the signature of the President and Secretary of said club, this _10th_ day of June, 2010.

President:     Stan Zitello_____________________________________________________

Secretary  _ Mike Sears______________________________________________________