Bishop Pevec

He was our chaplain for more than twenty years.

That made us the luckiest Serra chapter in all the world!

Hello to All
He was quick to smile.
You never knew what serenity was until Bishop Pevec looked into your eyes, or took your hand, or gave
you a great big hug.

Reception Line
He knew everyone by name.

A very bright light in all the lives he touched.

Openness, Friendliness, warmth, generosity

Arriving for Work
Arriving for Work

The Bishop sings Slovenian.

Bishop Greets All
Always a Priest first

“[He] was beloved by a great number of people as he served the Church for over 60 years as a priest and bishop. Cleveland has witnessed a successor to the Apostles as he lived the three-fold ministry of Jesus; teaching, sanctifying and the guiding of God’s people. May he rest in peace as a good and faithful steward of the mysteries of God.”
The Rev. Richard Lennon, the bishop of the Cleveland diocese

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