General Meetings

These meetings are usually held on the third Wednesday of the month. Meetings begin at 6 p.m. with Mass.

Dinner follows Mass.

A monthly program then completes the evening.

Judge Weaver Presiding

Year: 2017


Date: June 14, 2017

Officer Installation and dinner
Installation Meeting 2014
Installation of Officers for 2017 and of new members. District Governor Gus Skapek was in attendance. Mass with our chaplain, Father Plavac. Dinner and chatting amidst the vines.


Year: 2014


Date: June 11, 2014

Officer Installation
Installation Meeting 2014
Members at Installation of Officers for 2014. District Governor Hearns also in attendance.

Our 2010-2011 Meetings:


Date: December 14, 2011

Christmas Mass and Party
Members and chaplains. Bishop Pevec attending his 34th party; Father Plavac at his first as chaplain.
After Mass, socializing, and dining, we got down to the business of the night — singing!
We were led by an enthusiastic accordionist, and two specialists in Slovene chorale. The songfest culminated in the singing of the “Twelve Days of Christmas.”

Date: June 5, 2011

Fr. Gilles and Sr. Grace
Fr. Gilles and Sister Grace
Father Gilles is pastor at St. Mary Parish in Chardon,

Sister Grace is a Notre Dame nun with hands-on experiences of educating young people.

Attendees of the Meeting
Attendees of the Meeting


Date: April 13, 2011

Rev. Timothy D. Kalista, MDiv.
Rev. Timothy D. Kalista, MDiv.
Fr. Timothy Kalista is Parochial Vicar at St. Mary Parish in Chardon, He was ordained May 17th 2003. Father celebrated Mass and gave us a talk on his visit to Lourdes.

His homily urged us to be “Disciples of Christ.” How can we do this? Sacrifice. Take advantage of Lent to practice sacrifice. The church, Father Tim declared, does not need new members — the church needs “Disciples of Christ.”

Basilica at Lourdes
Basilica at Lourdes
Benedict XVI at the Grotto
Benedict XVI at the Grotto
The Immaculate Conception
The Immaculate Conception
Father Tim was one of the two priests who guided the pilgrimage to Fatima and Lourdes in March, 2011.

Father spoke of Bernadette–how she Showed Up as the Lady had asked her; she Listened to what the Lady told her to do; she Spoke the Truth about her experience in spite of the ridicule it brought her; and she was Open to the Outcome that came from her actions.

The shrine, the basilica, the millions of visitors, and Bernadette’s sainthood all testify to the young girl’s devotion.

Date: March 16, 2011

Fr. Michael Troha
Rev. Michael J. Troha
Mass was celebrated by The Reverend Michael J Troha, MDiv, MA, pastor at Immaculate Conception Parish in Willoughby since March 28, 2004. He was ordained in 1980.

Immacualte Conception in Willoughby
Immacualte Conception in Willoughby

Chaplain on Duty
Chaplain on Duty
In June of 1993 Father Troha was a military chaplain who was sent to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Kingdom has many laws and rules that are very different from the way of life in America. The practice of religion is much more regulated by the government than is true in the democracies.
There are police whose specific mission is to ensure compliance with the religious laws.

The possession of alcoholic beverages is a very serious offense. In order stay in compliance with this, our military will expel any GI who is caught with alcohol.

Father celebrated Mass at times and locations that were seriously monitored by the host country.

Date: February 16, 2011

Fr. Mark Riley
Rev. Mark R. Riley
Father Mark recently returned from seven years in the Diocesan mission to El Salvador. Those seven years have stayed with him–several times he lapsed into Spanish sentences.

He told the story of a teenager in El Salvador who was so beautiful in finding ways to show thanksgiving. Father prayed fthat the Holy Spirit help us to recall the example of a holy person we’ve me in our lives or to remember the selfless act of someone for which we are thankful.

Mrs.Theresa Zickert is Director of the Life Teen Program at St. Helen Catholic Church in Newbury.

A self-described “cradle Catholic”, Theresa is part of a family of people who have served the church. Her life’s voyage has tacked several times in fresh directions, but she has finally answered the persistent call to serve the community through the Life Teen program.

Theresa brings ebullience to her vocation. The teens find her enthusiasm contagious. The program has expanded and produces young christians who are “pumped-up” and anxious to be supportive of their brothers and sisters. The next retreat in the program is sold-out; there are 175 teens who will share in prayer, adoration, and worship.

Theresa Zickert
Mrs. Theresa Zickert

Date: January 19, 2011

Father George Kusy
Rev. George Kusy
Rev. George Kusy, pastor of St. Cyprian Parish in Perry.
Father exhorts us to follow the Precepts of the Church:

  • To worship God by participating in Mass every Sunday and holy day of obligation, and to rest from servile labor on  these days.
  • To receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation at least once a year if in serious sin, in preparation for reception of the Eucharist.
  • To receive Holy Communion during the Easter Season.
  • To observe the Church’s days of fasting and abstinence.
  • To help provide for the material needs of the Church, according to each person’s ability.
Our program was a presentation about a recent pilgrimage to Fatima taken by members of our Serra club.

Frank Barry showed us some of the many pictures he took during the visit. He was assisted by Joe Dietrich. Dee Martin also made the trip. Frank’s pictures told the story of the three children to whom our Lady appeared in 1917.

At Our Lady’s last visit on October 13, a crowd of 70,000 people, including reporters from anti-religious newspapers, gathered in a torrential rainstorm to witness the scheduled arrival of the Virgin Mary, which led to the famous Sun Miracle of Fatima. Around noon, many of the observers testified they saw wondrous things in the heavens: the rain clouds parted, the “sky opened up” and the sun seemed to spin in the sky, change colors, or go completely dark for several minutes, before appearing to plunge towards the earth.

Members at Fatima
Fatima Plaza and ChildrenFatima Plaza. The three children in 1917.

Date: December 15, 2010

Bishop Pevec
Bishop Pevec
On a crisp, clear winter’s evening Mass was held at the chapel at St. John Vianney church in Mentor. Bishop Pevec celebrated along with Father Wilbur Smith, Pastor Emeritus of St. Mary of the Assumption church of Mentor.
After Mass we congregated in the social center for an evening of socializing, dining, and jubilation.
Our Servers
We were entertained by a singing duo who also cajoled us all to sing along. Singing Duo
Singing Duo
For a gallery of photos from the event, click here.

Date: November 17, 2010

Rev. Michael McCandless
Father Mike celebrated Mass. He is the outgoing Parochial Vicar at St. Mary, Painesville. He is the incoming Coordinator of Vocations for Diocesan Priesthood and Recruiter for our Diocesan Seminaries.

Father told us that living our faith was not for the fickle. The kingdom of God has not yet arrived, so we must simply strive to be the best christians that we can. And we can hope, as Reinhold Neibuhr said, “Nothing that is worth doing can be achieved in a lifetime; therefore we must be saved by hope. “

Andrew, a member of Lake-Geauga Serra Club and a teacher at Philips Medical Systems, explained “The Direct Approach to Getting More Vocations”.

His approach is influenced by concepts of team-building. His presentation focused on

  • Enthusiasm
  • Reaching Out to People
  • Supporting
  • Dedication
  • Promoting
  • Humor
  • Volunteering
  • Charity

He wants us all to encourage vocations to young people we meet in our everyday lives–friends, relatives, waitresses–all of them.

Andrew FlockAndrew Flock
Date: October 20, 2010 Program
Mrs. Jablonski Carolyn Jablonski from St. Gabriel’s spoke to us about “Current Trends in Religious Education”.

She described the days past—the era of Ozzie and Harriet—when many of us went to Catholic schools where we were taught by nuns. We went home to a family whose religious life was integral to the family.

Nowadays, there are almost no nuns to teach our kids. Parents also have had weak Catholic training, so they can’t help the children—even if they have enough time.

Contemporary education efforts attempt to solve these challenges. Children are being taught the prayers that have gone neglected. They are being given Bibles at an early age, along with instructions on how to use a Bible.

Date: September 17, 2010 Program
Father Hollis
Rev. Mark Hollis
We began the year with installation of officers. The meeting was held at the Center for Pastoral Leadership. The installation was performed at Mass by Bishop Pevec.
The Reverend Mark Hollis both celebrated Mass for us and spoke at our dinner meeting.
His subject was the “Priestly Formation at the Seminary”. He told us that a seminary is the contemporary version of Jesus with His apostles. A call to serve is not just for seminarians–God uses the personality of each of us to present His Word to the world.
Attendees at September Meeting

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